Welcome to FOMB-MUSIC

FOMB MUSIC is an Independent record company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It´s  owned by musician Magnus Hägglund.

The label releases music that has soul and speaks for itself. We don´t care about musical genre and listen to all demos we get.

We will always contact you via email even if your music dosen´t interest us.

We will NOT reply to emails with myspace links or attached files.   SEND DEMOS ONLY.

Send your demo + contact info to:


c/o Magnus Hägglund                                                                     

Uppstigen 141

412 80 Göteborg


Albums released on FOMB-MUSIC so far:

Code: FOMB001

Artist: Friends of Mr Burns

Album: Release the Hounds (2010)

Track 1: Release the Hounds (Arena Jazz)

Track 2: Catalunya

Track 3: Pyri

Track 4: Mother Teresa

Track 5: Tango - The Brixton Cat

Track 6: Sundsvall

Track 7: The Bulgarian Bag

Track 8: As she leaves me

Release the Hounds(Arena Jazz) by Friends of Mr Burns

If you want to purchase the album, please send an email with your name and address to:

Price including VAT/MOMS

Sweden: 120:- SEK (+ 30:- SEK Shipping cost)

Europe/Other World: 15€ + Shipping cost.